Monday, 16 September 2013

[Update] Androidistica's bite of the past week

A booming market with Android devices is swirling upon us and the updates keep coming.
Whether it be new and exiting wearable devices as the Omate Truesmart breaking boundaries on a weekly basis both on financing and build quality or be it the Android OS update Kitkat rumours whispering across the Android sites, fans and blogs.
Androidistica is about to bring you some more hands-on reviews in  the near future aswell.
Makers of those is still to be revealed so keep your heads up , have some patience and you will be rewarded.
The past week has brought some goodness in many forms.
We got Slimbean 4.3 first post beta build 1 out .
This is a personal favourite as it really utilizes the screen estate of yours trulys Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the max.
Unbloated of features but still rich in customizations is the short version of this excellent custom ROM.
Make sure to check it out if you are into stepping away from brand specific firmwares.
Slimbean on N7100.
Daniel Czarnomorski, DCikonZ creator has put out a 'Request app', listing your installed apps and submitting a request for not already made custom icons.
Go check for details here.

Solid-Run was featured on Androidistica early 2012 when the first Cubox saw the light of day and the people involved have certainly  not been slacking around.
Cubox-i is the next generation of headless systems.
This time coming in four different flavours with a Quad Core powered  beast at the top of the Cubox-i food chain.
With added support for different setups the Cubox-i is really bringing back Solid-Run into the the game of headless systems.
Go check out their blog for some demos while waiting for your preorder.

Now, thats only a fragment of what's been happening the past week.
Until next time, live long and keep prospering.

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