Tuesday, 8 October 2013

[Review] Joors, Ad-based surfing to keep ?

Mobile internet has come a long way since the days of 56k modem connections and BBS:es.
Today you can easily get download speeds over 100 mb/s on any device with a 4G connection for instance .
But all this comes with a price tag of some sort.
Depending on where you live the availability of devices and networks vary.
We also have other providers of mobile broadband, without your average monthly fees .
One of these is Joors.

Founded in 2011 ,Joors was established as a Virtual Operator  in Sweden using Telia networks for distributing internet to their customers.
All platforms are supported as is Android from version 3 and onwards , as long as the device has a 1024 x 600 resolution.
The concept behind Joors is no monthly fees, all you pay for is the sim card (249 SEK) and after that you got mobile broadband with speeds up to 10mb/s  (in Sweden) .

Now where's the catch then you might wonder ?
Well , not really a catch but a common thing on the internet these days.
Joors is based on ad-based surfing .
The ads are shown couple of times during a day, or when reactivating your tablet from sleepmode in form of movie clips .
The content is decided upon your account activation by putting crosses in interest boxes.

All you need to do to get started is to download the Joors app, (supported on iOS and Android) , put in your details and you're off!
You get 2Gb of data per month and if you exceed that quota you either get 64kb/s or you can purchase additional data capacity .
Joors concept is simple.
You can either buy a sim card with mobile surf, or buy it with a modem .
There are also packages with various tablets available for bundled purchase with Joors.

Upon testing the download/upload speeds no great reveleations were made.
Unfortunately the speeds were disappointing upon testing.
This is not Joors fault, since other providers were tested as well and speeds were bad for competitors too.

As a concept Joors has something unique going here in a way.
A "Fire and forget" kind of mobile broadband for a household tablet, for the cabin or whatever .
The ads we get plentiful of via other media so it might get annoying but by remembering the cause  you might be able to live with it.
Joors is onto something without a doubt.
When the 4G networks get more widespread throughout the world the Ad-based surfing experience will naturally be less annoying.
(Unless the ad companies start making longer ads with full HD and 7.1 audio of course, then we end up in page-load country all over again).
Joors ad - based broadband would not be my only choice for broadband at home, more of a complementary one.
The one you bring along on that long traintrip,or flight, the cabin in the woods.
Given Joors fresh start only 2 years ago and the amount of customer care shown in giveaways and bundled offerings there is surely more to be revealed in the future.

The immaterial rights are protected, so if Joors discovers customers pirating via their Joors broadband a disclaimer is clear on Joors standpoint regarding this, that account will terminated.

If you dont use at least 50 MB of  your Joors broadband for 60 days , Joors will suspend your account and you will have 30 days to reactivate your account free of charge.

Also, if you overuse your quota with more than 150 MB / month, Joors has a disclaimer for throttling your bandwidth to 0kb/s for the rest of the ongoing month.

Of course you will have full speed on joors.com to purchase more capacity during that time.

A big bunch of thanks to the Team on Joors for having Androidistica test-shoot their services.

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