Friday, 17 January 2014

[Press release] Joors going freemium

As you can remember Androidistica reviewed Joors some time ago.
The mobile market has toughened and Joors have decided to go "never expire" on customers mobile sim card activations.

Previously a 60 day period of inactivity or consuming less than 50MB of data per month render in a inactivated card which you would need to reactivate via Joors.
This limit is now removed meaning all existing Joors customers should have "eternal activations" on their sim-cards.
Joors is a ad-finaced mobile internet provider, short commercial clips are shown couple of times a day and in return you get free mobile internet on any chosen device.
You'd naturally have the Joors app installed on that chosen device but that goes for all free to surf via ads services.
Joors have other exiting stuff in their pipeline for 2014.
Disabling deactivation of accounts is just the beginning.
Let's see what happens.

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