Saturday, 18 January 2014

[ROM Review] Smartisan for N7100

Custom ROMs come in all flavours and there's plenty to choose from for anyone interested in replacing the factory standard on their smartphones , tablets or phablets.
Androidistica took a spin on 'Smartisan OS', which was unveiled March 2013.
Smartisan is built on Cyanogenmod with a different take on the UI as you can see in the screenshots below.
Added functions to simplify usage and experience of your Smartphone.
You can check the Smartisan launch evenet here. Most of the features are presented as well as the philosophy behind Smartisan os .
Naturally when talking about customs there's a place on XDA Developers for it too, owning a N7100 i found this: XDA Thread
There is a similair thread for SGS3 as well
For the 3-4 days running this rom on N7100 i am pleasantly surprised.
Being an Alpha release the stability is equivalent to a regular release.
There has been no issues at all really.
If you are about to try this, remember that this is a CM-based ROM.
There are no S-Pen features as in Samsungs TouchWiz based ROMs.
Always, always backup your EFS partition
An excellent place for getting guidance on can be found here.
Make sure you are on a fresh version of CWM recovery.
And last but not least, flashing custom ROMs is  your own responsibilty, read up before proceeding.
Using Chrromes translation function while browsing Smartisan homepage gave some relief to my lack of knowledge in the Chinese language.

And now for some screeenshots:

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