Saturday, 3 May 2014

[Double header] Kitkat goodness for the N7100 Intl.

So winter has come and gone , come and gone again and Androidistica is happy to tell you that Android 4.4.2 has finally arrived from official sources (Samsung).
Although my crackflashing days are over (thank god) , changing ROMs more frequently than breathing air was a great learning experience and sometimes quite rewarding , the pace is a bit more controlled nowadays.
The two ROMs in focus for this piece are the "Phantom ROM 4.4.2" and "Prerooted, Deknoxed and debloated Official Stock Kitkat".

Both ROMs come with the Aroma Installer, a widely used installer package for all sorts of ROMs.
These ROMs are based on the Samsung official Firmwares so were talking Touchwiz UI here. (You have the freedom as any Android user to install whatever launcher you want of course).
Comparing the Phantom and the Prerooted is not the topic of this post, there is no "best rom" in the world of Androidistica.
They both have modifications to improve the overall Android experience one might say.
Thats the short version, for details head over to the threads on XDA and check them out.
Installation is as easy as following instructions .
Read them, understand them, cherish them, make a copy of them if you like.
Bottom line is that they are followed. Then you'd stay out of troubleville and all shall be happy campers.
What i like with these ROMs Aroma installation options is the choice of keeping or reducing Samsung Bloatware.
If i regret pulling some bloat i can always go back into Recovery and add the bloat via flashing the zip and initializing the Aroma installer again.
It really cant get easier than this to flash a custom rom to your device.

Just make sure of these things before you throw yourself into flashing mode:
1. You warranty is now the value of toiletpaper.
2. Got stuff you can't loose ever ever ever on your phone ? Make a backup . Do it. Now. 
3. Read the OP (First post in XDA lingo) After that , check the last posts, any issues other people have encountered recently ? No ? Then read the OP again before starting the flashing bonanza.

For specific ROM Features I'd suggest you get over to the threads for respective roms and make sure to hit that thanks button if you like what the folks have put together for us.
There are of course other excellent custom ROMs for the N7100 too, Androidistica might do pieces on those later if time permits.

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