Friday, 27 June 2014

[Upcoming] OBD Link review

Since Androidistica is keeping the radar on the Android frequency an interesting product caught the all seeing eye the other day.
OBD link.
Yes, the Onboad Diagnostic for vehicles.
These products enable us to see the real reasons behind lit engine lamps on the dashboards of our cars (Made after 1996 at least) and gather an abundance of data from the circuitry in our cars.
They also gather a lot of data about fuel consumption, rpms and other interesting data on-the fly and thanks to the Bluetooth capabilities any Android device can easily tap into this data and display it for you in realtime via apps built for this purpose.

One that looks specially interesting is the OBDLink LX Bluetooth Scan Tool.

In a near future you will be able to catch a full review of the OBDLink in action.
In the meantime check out OBD Solutions upcoming OBDLink Scantool Wifi, released in August.

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