Saturday, 27 December 2014

[Heads-Up] The ghost of christmas future.

With a belly full of Christmas  goodies Androdistica is plotting on future endevours.
Without revealing too much of the things to come a few keywords to remember are:

- OBD Link (For the vehicles that carry us)
A hands- on review to come in a near future.
Androidistica already did a hands-on on the predecessor past summer, and now it's time to revisit the magic made by Scantool with a Wifi-enabled device.

-Nexus 6. Yes, even Androidistica will get the opportunity to do a hands-on in-depth whatever they call it on the latest device from the Googleplex synergy with Motorola.
God knows what will come out of that.

- Skins. Yes, you most likely have seen these on the interwebs.
 Gorgeous-looking smartphones with cool skins altering the appearance of devices into steel, wood or other beatiful materials.
Dbrand being the lead provider of these and being the nice people they are, Androdistica will tell and show you just how awesome they are.

- And one more thing, but that will be revealed later on.

So the Christmas ghost of the future has now given you a peek into the future of Androidisticas scheme of 2015 .
Back to the fridge, where did i put the smoked salmon?

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