Saturday, 17 January 2015

[Review] Dbrand Nexus 6 Skin.

DBRAND have made a name in smartphone customisation via their "Skins".
Now what is a Dbrand-Skin ?
Well, it's a collaboration together with M3, where Dbrand has developed skins to be applied to your smartphone , macbook, tablet ,gaming console of choice or your wearable.
And results are smashingly beautiful.
There is a level of protection to the surface of the unit where the skin is applied although it's not an impact protection but rather scratch-protection and a level of swagger via the beauty of the different variations available in terms of appearance.
Those of us who are weary applying other than snap-on cases can get good instructions via the videos Dbrand offers .
Mahogany being todays flavour.

Notice the structure of the skin, very lifelike to wood.

Structure on the glue-side of the skin.

And so it begins...

Dbrand is my name, skins my game!
Dbrand skins give a whole new feel to the Nexus 6 device.
The number of available flavours are many, ranging from carbon, metal , leather to wood structures.
For this review only backpiece was tested but i imagine brining a front skin only adds beauty to your chosen device.
Applying the skin was a 5-minute job really thanks to the great instructional video provided by Dbrand.
Challenge lying in getting the skin to position correctly over the microphone gap but as you get many attempts you only need to keep trying until you are there.
There are no downsides on Dbrand skins.
For this review a particular inspection was done to see if the skin leaves a lot of glue residue on the device after removing the skin.
No glue was left on the Nexus 6 after removing the skin which is a big plus.
Not that you will want to remove the skin after finally getting it there, but as a reviewer one tries to find facts you readers might enjoy.

All in all, Dbrand has got their game together here.
Expanding into gaming consoles is a step forward while making awesome stuff for our smartphones , tablets and wearables.
Androidistica can gladly recommend anyone to get a Dbrand skin for their device.
Their website for ordering skins is working well, giving you a preview of what your device will look like with various flavours of skins.
Customisation en masse!

A winter warm high-five to the folks at Dbrand for having Androidistica testshoot their skin for Nexus 6 !

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