Monday, 19 January 2015

[Review] GMYLE Bookcase Vintage for Nexus 6

It's time for another Nexus 6 case review, this time the case is coming from GMYLE.
Bookcases can be practical in many ways.
You can bring your vital credit card, drivers license and your library card with you if you like.
If you have a a foldable stand in the case it adds even more usability , providing you with a hands-free option for viewing videos, pictures or reading while eating breakfast for instance.
All this is accomplished in the Bookcase Vintage for Nexus 6.

Fold it, watch it.

Cards on the left, phone on the right.

Nicely rested

Bookcase makes sense, book-like view.

Backside of the bookcase.

Plastic case cutouts for power and volume button accomplished.

Non intrusive plastic holder.

No obstructions here. Carry on..
The Bookcase Vintage holds your Nexus 6 inside the case via a hard plastic holder,with a snug fit.
This case is not a slim one, but neither is the Nexus 6.
Build quality is solid, no creaking from the plastic  holder and all stiching is without loose strings on the faux-leather case giving your Nexus 6 a classy look.
One colleague of mine asked me if i brough the bible to work, funny guy !
Protection-wise this case provides with some protection for drops, unless the case unfolds mid-air and your Nexus 6 lands face first.
A leather strap of some sort would have been nice to keep the package together.
All in all the Bookcase Vintage for Nexus 6 is a decent one with some room for improvement.
Looking at the pricing there is no reason to complain.
GMYLE offers you quite a lot for a small prize here.
If you are looking to add some classic vintage style to your Nexus 6, this is the case to go for.

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