Tuesday, 6 January 2015

[Review] GMYLE Wallet Case Classic for Google Nexus 6

New year brings new Things.
GMYLE has been around since 2005, making cases for Macbooks,tablets and all kinds of devices since then.
Todays deep-dive will go into the Wallet Case Classic for Google Nexus 6.
Available in different colours the review piece is the 'Denim Blue / Mud Brown '
As you can see in the image above the Denim Blue is being the predominant colour on the front.
Once we open up the case we see two credit card cutouts and a larger pocket for all your dollar bills, or whatever currency makes your day work .
The little fellow on the side keeps the case toghether via a magnetic clasp.
(And no, Nexus 6 has not got a "Secret Activate device with magnet-Trick".)

Looking closely, the stiching work is good and well done all around the case.
Material is Faux-Leather on the insde and a kind of coated fabric on the front and back.
Looking at how the Nexus 6 is attached , there is a soft rubber case which fits nicely around keeping the Nexus 6 in a tight grip.

On of my favourite parts about wallet cases on phablets is the folder mount.
As seen above, the back of the case is pre-folded to make mounting easier.
Holes for all buttons, camera, headset and charger is generously made and without misalignment.
Good for the OCD:ers ,all in the right places.

This case will keep the Nexus 6 protected and useful for pennies worth of money .
Needless to say it's a bargain.
Add to the fact there is a 1 year warranty , there is no way to wrong with this.

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