Saturday, 31 January 2015

[Review] Rubberized USB Cable With Self-Locking System (Micro USB)

Smart things are good , easily adopted and not bulky.
GMYLE has got just that in their:
'Rubberized USB Cable With Self-Locking System (Mirco USB)'.
Ever been asked by a friend or colleague if you got one of those "USB Cables" to lend for charging their smartphone or transfer some files to or from their PC?
I have, and a rummage through the drawers has been a follow-up action on that particular quesstion.
No more.
GMYLE's USB Cable comes along as conveniently as your home keys, USB stick or anything you attach it to.
Whoah! There's that cable again! Awesome!
In the box you get the rubberized USB Cable.
And it's quite smart. 
You just push both sides of that plastic holder with the ring and out pops the cable!
As you can see in the image above it's really no bulky "carry-along" . 
Very nice addition to anyones daily life , carrying a smartphone along.
Looking at the price, the convenience and design we are looking at a winner.
No doubt, this will simplify life.

A snow-filled truckload of warm thanks to GMYLE for having Androidistica once again try out their products.

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