Friday, 10 April 2015

[Review] MI In-ear Headphones.

Xiaomi turned 5 recently and we have seen no shortage of hardware coming from them nowadays.
Xiaomi even made it to the Guinness Book of records whilst celebrating their 5 year anniversary by selling 2.11 Million smartphones during a 24hr period.
Androidistica was fortunate enough to get hold of a pair of the "MI In-ear Headphones" for review.
Now, as usual the packaging is nice when it's Mi-made.
Recyclable box wrapper and inside the minimalistic packaging approach as we have seen before .
Neat and tidy.
Inside the cardboard wrapper we find the printed instructions on how to use these gems.
Behind the plastic casing we see the earbuds, volume control and micro stereo plug.
The cord itself is wrapped around a rubbery cord spool-kind-of-thing.
Once unwrapped the cord measures 123 cm from plug-end to top of the earbuds.
Enough lenght if you ask me.
Earbuds are diamond cut aluminium and the stereoplug itself is goldplated.
The cord itself is wrapped in kevlar fabric material which propably extends the lifetime of the cable preventing wear and tear from normal usage from bends and unintended pulls & jerks.
The control-piece in the middle is also aluminium and the three buttons (Increase/Decrease Volume, Pause/Play/Answer Call) are plastic.
Inside the little plastic case we have rubberplugs in three different sizes:
Small, Medium and Large.
The ones already fitted are medium sized.
Build quality is premium here.
Not the cheap gas-station plastic you get when buying headphones for half a dollar.
Xiaomi does build good equipment, there is no doubt about their self-awareness to provide consumers with good products.

Headphones ,controlpiece and plug. Replacable small,medium and large sized plugs in the background.

So there's the part where the build quality was covered .
What about the sound then ?
Well-performed is the expression here.
The metal composite diaphragm and dual-damping system performs well, delivering a good and accurate sound picture.
Catch the details here.
Distinctive lows and clear highs.
As for  interacting , the earphones were tested on a Nexus 6 and the volume controls, play/pause and microphone works without any quirks.

Androidistica recommends warmly  anyone to get these.
Even if you rock and apple device although the volume up/down controls are not supported.

A big whopping high-five to Tabletkungen for providing the review opportunity.

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