Thursday, 21 May 2015

[Own your cloud] Revault

For those of us who care about integrity and securing data there's a new beam of hope on the horizon.

We are talking Revault.

Now what does it do one might ask.

Revault is the worlds first wearable private cloud.

The basics behind this is that you actually wear your important files on a revault device. (32GB and 128GB versions available today)

Secure bluetooth sync takes care of distributing your chosen files to the devices you want.

Supported platforms are Android, IOS, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

The Revault itself is built like this:

32GB / 128 GB
Bluetooth 4.0 LTE
WiFi b/g/n
Wireless (Conductive) charging Qi-standard
1.54 inch, 240 × 240 pixel color display
Gorilla Glass 3
3D accelerometer
Watch case: Stainless steel grade 316L
There still is time to claim yours, check out the indiegogo campaign site and grab yours.

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