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[Review] Polar A300, Activity awareness on a wrist,

Some time ago Androidistica did a review of the Polar Loop, a wristband activity tracker which still is available for those looking for a nice wearable featuring the basic functions in an elegant package.
Polar being one of the top companies for activity trackers are still going strong and serving us with new products.
An armada of new activity trackers have been shelled out by and this time we are having a closer look at the A300.

Categorised as a Activity & Fitness tracker , the A300 is packed with the needed functions to track those things.
With a weight of mere 48g and thickness of 12,7 mm there is no obstruction wearing the A300.

Right side of the A300.
We have five buttons on the A300
Two on the left edge and three on the right edge.
Top left is for lighting up the LED display, bottom left is for syncing the A300 with your phone or pulssensor.
It also acts as a 'back' or 'stop' button for other functions.
Top right we have an arrow that scrolls through the options , Fitness test, settings, history and current daily achieved activity.
Middle right we have a button for selecting different sporting profiles, where you also can define own ones if you please.
Bottom right does the same as top right , just in the opposite order.

Left side of the A300

Charge full, lets go!

Personally i haven't worn a watch in ages so the first few hours wearing the A300 felt different, not disturbing nor hindering my daily life.
I got used to the wristband very quickly.

Speaking of the wristband , made of a really silky smooth rubber and a proper 'pin in hole' latch it feels durable and solid.
If you'd like a different colour on the actual wristband  for say every 6 days a week then Polar has got you covered.
Wristbands come in six different colours, purchased separately.

The A300 is packed with functions , activity tracking for daily steps taken, calories burned, hours slept well and the all-encompassing progress bar showing how much of your pre-set daily goal is fulfilled .

There's naturally more inside once you start exploring .

Bluetooth is the communication protocol used by the A300 to sync with your smartphone of choice and the H7 Pulssensor if you wish.

So how does one get started once this little partner sits on your wrist ?
Well, beginning with creating an account on the Polar flow (beta) site and choosing your device and by downloading the Polar flow app of for your choice of platform. (Android and IOS supported).

Set up your age, lenght and daily activity goals and you are all set .

A note of privacy , Polar does let your cloud account be 'incognito' if you like.
This means no one can see your workouts if you don't want to.

I am not a running person, neither am i a fitness person.
I do enjoy physical activity such as playing soccer with my kids, weightlifting couple of times a week and just being outdoors is something i enjoy.

This said, i have tested the A300 based on my daily life, worn it at all times for a few weeks now.
Being a child of the 70s i enjoy the Polar A300.
It's kind of like having a friend who reminds you to take a coffee brake , but instead the A300 reminds me of when i spent a full hour sitting and it's time to move around a bit .
For my health sake.

I don't always  like it , because it might disturb me at what i am currently focused on but the strong buzz i get on my wrist via the A300 reminds me of whats good for my health.
And what's good for my health is something i appreciate!
The Polar A300 easily grabs a spot as a life companion for your sleep tracking, exercises and timekeeping.
There is tons of features to dig into,fitness test, history of your workouts and paired with the Polar Flow app there is a whole world of information available for you and your training if you like.
You can also choose what features you like, and be happy with them. 
Looking at the modest price and the quality you get with the Polar A300 there's no debate.
If you are interested in how you sleep, how your daily activity affects your health then I'd say the A300 definitely is a candidate worth checking out.

Some videos about the fitness tracking capabilities of the A300:
Activity tracking.
Pulsetraining with the A300

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