Wednesday, 26 August 2015

[Review] A Cover-up for showing up

I have always enjoyed the forest.
Being in it, spending time fishing,picking berries, walking or excercising .
Interestingly there have been studies on peoples blood pressure dropping whilst being in the woods for 30 minutes a day.
Some claim hugging a tree will calm one down, get people grounded.

We live in an age of connectedness , always online never offline.
Our smartphones become extensions of our own personas.
Vital things.
Thats just the way it has turned out for some of us.

Some dress up their devices with accessories to make them more personal.
Cover-up is one of the companies providing personalisation in that field.
Their covers stand out in a way noone elses does.
This review is on one of their woodback series cases.

Nature is being brought into the game of devices.
At first it seems as merely a different material being added to the plastics, faux leather and rubberized phone case genre.
And indeed it is different.

Wood being added to your device , style points increased .
The magic happens once the case is fitted and you start using the device.
(This review was made with the Nexus 6 case)
New life is brought to the Nexus 6 with Cover-up.
New experience.
It feels different.
A different way of different.
A really nice way of different.
The structure , texture of wood added to the back of Nexus 6 works really nice.

The outer case is made of non-glossy sturdy plastic/rubber material.
Bends slightly but does not break.
Only flexes enough to fit the Nexus 6.
Solid fit.
Inside the case we have a little greeting written in white text
"Thanks!" and a smiley.
Makes one smile .

Cut-outs are made for the power button and volume button.
And they are really distinct.
No mistake made searching at the edge of the for the right buttons.
Power button cutout and volume rocker one are differently sized , exposing the hardware buttons for pushing .
This detail is appreciated , comparing to others where the buttons have been covered by more or less distinctive edge cut-outs covering the actual buttons.
This detail keeps the right buttons accurately within reach.
No more pushing the power button mistakenly while trying to increase the volume for instance.

Top and bottom edges are curved cut, exposing the headphone and micro-usb jack. Also a good choice that works well.
Now back to the forest-part.
The back of the case has wood.
Surrounded by the matte rubbery-feel plastic curved edge we have a wood veneer of no more than 0,7 mm thick which is hand-finished,taking days for each coat of finish to dry in manufacturing.

The result is amazing, nothing i have seen or felt before on a cover.
I like the feel of wood on my nexus 6.
It really makes the Nexus 6 more beautiful to own.
The combination of wood and high class feeling surrounding plastic hits the ball out of the park in a way.
Over time the wood will change, and it is intriguing to see how it will turn out over time.
Patina ahead.
This case needs no maintenance , you dont have to apply any coating or other tricky manouvers.
And each time i pick up the phone i get reminded of that nice unexpected contrast of tech and wood.
Remember where we came from.

Cover-up has more products too, for a range of devices.
Macbooks, Lenovo Tablets and other phonebrands.
They are made out of wood, different sorts.
I like this concept and i am sure others do too.
As i love the forrest.
Make sure to check out what Cover-up has to offer, because they excel and differ in a way you couldnt imagine.

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