Thursday, 3 September 2015

[Review] Misfit Flash

We met Misfit earlier here on Androidistica ,that time we made aquaintance with the Misfit Shine activity/sleep tracker.
Misfit keeps design in focus in their products and for anyone looking for stylish wearables the Misfit product range is a must-see.

This time we are having a closer look at one of their newer products called 'Misfit Flash'.

Nicely tucked in a small box we have the misfit flash ,a clip and a wristband .

So you have two options for wearing the Misfit Flash, and besides the wristband in the box, there is a plethora of other colours you can purchase for it as well.
The misfit Flash does not need any charging, powered by a standard cr2032 battery it is said to last for a loooong time. 6 months or more.

Once unpacked and on your wrist all you need to do is to download the misfit app. Available for both iOS and Android.
Once in the app, you set the device up for bluetooth syncing with your goals, activity and sleep data.
Some social options are also built in the app , allowing you to share and compare your activity with other misfit users out there.

What does the Misfit Flash track then ?
Well, the usual walking,running and sleeping to begin with.
Tracking your goals can be made via pushing the built in button of the actual device, and the LEDs light up in a circulare shape around the edges showing your daily progress.
You also get a customized watch, which highlights the hours and minutes via the built in LED:s once you double press the Misfit Flash.

Activity tracking is fairly accurate , this is while comparing the activity tracking of the Polar A300.
No big mismatches were found in the steps taken per day.

Unfortunately i was not able to get any readings for the sleep tracking on the Misfit Flash.
There seems to be no user interaction needed for the sleep tracking to get activated but on the review unit none was registered over the week i tested the device.

The Misfit Flash is a low-weight unit even with the wristband and does not interfere in the everyday life.
Waterproofed down to 30 meters it is also suitable for swimmers and showers.
This is always a plus with wearables.

Misfit has put in some nice features in their app as well.
You have the option to set an app to start on your smartphone or tablet once double clicking your flash device, or single clicking.
This feature is quite unique , adding customisation to your Misfit Flash experience.

Misfit Flash can be used in combination with other devices from Misfit.
There are plenty of options for tracking our days and nights from Misfit.

Who is the Misfit flash for then ?
I don't think the hardcore mountainbikers, marathon-runners or elite athletics will use the Misfit Flash as their primary device for activity tracking.
With focus on appearance, the Misfit Flash represents a low-budget-stylished version of a activity tracker.
Without the charging need and colourful options for wristbands this device has strenghts compared to other ones.
Without GPS, LED or other type of display we are looking at a minimalistic approach of a tracker .
There is no device to rule them all, we are all individuals with different needs and desires.
Misfit Flash will attract those looking for style, low-price ,simplicity and bare-bones tracking.
The option to wear it on a wristband or on a clip at your waist for example makes the Misfit Flash versatile.
On the other hand we have the app with customization options for starting apps and the social plugin.
The app feedback is of the non-intrusive kind.
If you move less than your set goals, no military-styled motivational quotes are presented urging you to move more.
Some people like it like that i am sure.
It all comes down to personal preferences and the Misfit Flash is sure to attract it's own audience.

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