Sunday, 18 October 2015

[Review] The Shoe That Grows

This time we are having a look at something different.
We are not talking screen size, android versions or cpu cycles.
Have a look at the shoe that grows.

Founded in 2007 by Kenton Lee, the founder and Executive Director of The Shoe That Grows, while visiting Nairobi and watching a girl walking her way to church wearing too small shoes.
"Wouldn't it be great if there was a shoe that could adjust and expand - so that kids always had a pair of shoes that fit ?"

The concept is to have a shoe that lasts five years and grows with sizes.
Developed by "Proof of concept", the shoe that grows is made out of real leather , compressed rubber and snaps.

The team were kind enough to ship a pair over to make a review of a pair.
These guys deserver more than a review.

Looking at the state of the world currently, a lot of suffering is happening worldwide.
Refugee numbers worldwide breaking the total amount of refugees during world war two gives a bit of perspective to the situation at hand.

This review started with an idea of reviewing a pair of shoes with a cool design concept.
And that is all part of the deal here , the desing is really good.
When looking at good-intentioned suppport initiatives, there is always a risk of money-making taking priority of the quality on the support coming out of the fundraising.
Androidistica will not throw itself into any deep political analytics over the state of world affairs, this is done much better by other channels.
A scepticism that there's someone hogging that piece of cake before the receiver gets it to an extent that there are only crumbs left when all middle-men have taken their part .

I am pleased to realize that The Shoe That Fits is not one of them .

So what is the shoe all about then ?
I let our five year old try the shoe on, what better judge than a person who can wear them right ?
After doing a few adjustments, which were really easy to do thanks to the snaps on the shoes we had a good fit .
She walked around with the shoes a few minutes before uttering the words:
- I want to wear them at daycare as my indoor shoes !
What better verdict than from a five-year old claiming the shoes for herself ?

(Now remember were in Scandinavia, our mornings start with 28 degrees fahrenheit, so we will have to wait another seven months before temperatures start rising to more spring-like conditions).

Now, the parental side in me started looking at the actual seams and build quality of the shoes.
Take a look at the pictures and you will see what i'm talking about.

There is no loose threads, and everything is made very tight and professionaly.

If you're looking for a nice shoe to donate to daycare, a refugee camp or even buying a pair for your own kids , make sure to check these out.

There is a lot of ways to help children in need, either buy buying the shoes or chipping in with the team behind the shoe what grows with various tasks.

Head over to their webpage and check out the extensive information they provide of the efforts they put into this .
Androidistica sends humble thank you's to the team behind The Shoe That Grows and a bow for making a diffrence in the world.

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