Saturday, 28 November 2015

[Review] Minimal design , maximized storage.

Amongst things essential in our increasingly digitalized existence besides good wifi and killer apps comes storage.
We need storage.
Be it cloud storage via Google, Microsoft or Dropbox and the likes or your personal home NAS device or portable flash drives, there is always a need for just that, storage.
We need to store our photos, documents , excel sheets and presentations somewhere.
There is a need for storing our binary zeroes and ones somewhere safe.
Accessible, secure and unlimited in amounts .

One solution to this comes from Monster Digital.
Were talking good olde flash storage ,
Not your average flash storage, but versatile flash storage.
- What is this versatile storage you are talking about ?
We have USB storage , and micro USB storage in the same device here .
This is a convenient idea, since we are living in a standard USB and micro USB borderland with our data.
For this review , the ´USB 3.0 SUPER SPEED MOBILE OTG DRIVE´ was used.
We are looking at 80MB/s transfer speeds over the USB 3.0 interface.
The device itself is very compact in size, which is the trend we see with components such as digital storage.
Everything shrinks with time , except capacity. Capacity grows.
This little baby packs 64GB of storage , which is bordering to insane looking at the shere size of the device.
Insane in a good way.
There was no trouble connecting this monster to several various devices.
Tested on Nexus 6, Nexus 7(2012), Remix Ultratablet and Lenovo W540 laptop running Windows OS.
Overall the Mobile OTG Drive is a solid device for an excellent price.
It's one of the smallest USB Flash drives i have ever seen, and that is generally a good thing , which i believe the majority of people will agree on.
Androidistica puts thumbs up for this one!

The nice thing is the possibility of having both types of interfaces on the same device.
Micro USB for the USB OTG function on smartphones and tablets, and the standard USB for laptops, smart TV:s or such.

It's a good priced powerhouse of storage , with a size smaller than candy.

Now, Monster Digital are not only into flash drives of this kind.
Hailing from California, Monster digital are rocking a product range of SSD drives, action cameras and even data recovery if needed.

Make sure to pop by their homepage for more info on their items .

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