Monday, 14 December 2015

[Review] Cover your assets.

 Sleeve Cushion for Surface Pro 3 Surface Pro 4

We all need protection. A true fact that applies to our loved ones, ourselves and our valued things.
(If you own more than seven items, the items will own you someone said somewhere)
As you might have figured out from the headline and the opening of this article , we are all about protection now.
Rest your eyes on the "Sleeve Cushion for Surface Pro 3 / Surface Pro 4".

Just a sleeve , if properly made and expressing coolness with style is ok.
A sleeve with three pockets in front and a large zipper pocket on the back is more than ok.

Gmyle are all about protecting our devices.
We have seen their covers earlier here on Androidistica and they have delivered function with protection so far.

The sleeve cushion comes in four different colour variations.
Charcoal grey & blue, Charcoal grey & pink, Charcoal grey & brown and Charcoal grey & mint green.

A nice feature is the magnetic lock on the front flap.
No need to try and find the magnets under the fabric, just close it and it locks nicely.
The outer shell is properly padded, protecting your Surface Pro 3/4 or even the Jide Remix Ultratablet .
Screensize is 11,6 inches , so any device with those measures should fit in this one.
The zipper pocket on the back is full size so easy storage for documents or notepads there.
The three pockets on the frontside are covered by the magnetic front lid.
All seams are tight and without gaps, everything is nicely put together here.

Androidistica easily recommends the ' Sleeve Cushion for Surface Pro 3 / Surface Pro 4' for anyone looking for a nice portable sleeve for their device.

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