Tuesday, 2 February 2016

[Review] Goat Story Mug

When first discovered, the Goat Story Mug made me smile and a fuzzy feeling entered my soul.
Without really understanding the whole concept i just felt there was something there that needed more investigation.

Started as a Kickstarter in 2014, the Goat Story Mug entered the universe and gathered over 10 000 backers for the Goat Story Mug.
A great success achieved !

The mug is like nothing i've ever laid my eyes on before.
Coming with two leather straps for transportation, one longer one enabling you to carry it over your shoulder and a shorter strap for hand-carrying.
There's cool fearless design in this product and enthusiasm.

Now it does not run Android OS, neither does it need charging (other than your favourite brand of coffee poured into it or anything else that fits and needs warm-keeping) .
Available in two sizes, standard and grande and different colours from their websphop , the GSM really stands out in their uniqueness.

100 % leak proof, which is true.
Tested with coffee, held upside down, shaken and inspected .
Not a single drop escapes the Goat Story Mug.
Keeps the heat for the two hours promised in the specs, delivered as promised.
Smart design enables the holder to be put upside down on a flat surface and all of a sudden your Goat Story Mug sits tight in the holder , proud.

Does it have hipsterness ? Of course it does.
It is also irresitstible in it's own.
Some ideas that crossed my mind during the review was putting hotdogs, soup or any other food in the goat story mug for carrying along on your daily adventures.

Make sure to visit Goat Story Mug's website for the background video for the origins of the Mug and also have a peek at the nice products coming up from the Team behind Goat Story Mug.
There's coffee makers and cool design-ridden Goat- water bottles coming.
We have not seen the last of this teams products.

Androidistica.eu humbly thanks the team at Goat Story Mug for letting Androidistica test-drive this end-user lifesaver .

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