Monday, 16 May 2016

[Review - follow up] Kromkendama Viking Zebra Horizontal revisited.

How Long Playing Kendama:
- A month.
First Impressions, Out of The Box:
- This is a big boy. The tama is heavy, very beatiful with the two-coloured wood.
  A beatiful box with dark design , inside of box clad in a golden surface.
Recommended for, Suggestions, Comments:
- Perfect for trying out new stuff with and even for presenting Kendama to a person who never has tried it before. (My colleagues were reallly into this one)
The natural, non-sticky surface is good for really getting into those hard to learn tricks.
Star Rating (out of 5):
- 5/5 .

Overall the Kromkendama Viking Zebra Horizontal  easily takes a place as a "daily driver".
Mostly because of the larger size,enabling you to attempt those tricks that still are a "learning in progress",  but also the nice feeling you get handling the natural hardwood Ken and Tama.
It goes well as a comforter as well, when failing everything on a regular sized Kendama, there is always something i am able to land with the Viking.
Yes, the Tama is heavy but it still is not heavier than the Ken, so it's not causing any imbalance doing tricks.

Wear and tear on the Tama shows, but most of the scuffing you can see in the photos are due to the fact that i am at a beginner stage with all this new, fun and challenging Kendama:ism.
The Ken has taken some heavy hitting too, but no large chunks of wood have flewn off or any large dents have been born so the Viking Zebra Horizontal holds together nicely .

This one should be in any home where Kendama is played.

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