Wednesday, 29 June 2016

[Review] Kendama Play Pocket K

Play Pocket K by Kendama Europe 

This little fellow is simply adorable.
(Never thought i'd start a review with a sentence like that btw).
We are dealing with Kendama Europes Play Pocket K Kendama this time.

Some conceptions and ideas around Pocket models are :
- Is it a keyring , one you cant really do tricks with ?
- Can you really build a quality kendama that small  ?
- Is it worth the price ?

Now, looking at the first impression in packaging you have to admit it looks promising .
It is a Pocket Kendama for real, it even comes with an extra string.
With the same design as it's big brothers and sisters (We will look into them in later reviews), and a build quality that feels confident , the Play Pocket Kendama brings smiles to peoples faces.
A comparison of a regular sized Kendama and the Pocket Play K

While carrying it around at work, at sports events and showing it to friends, colleagues, kendama shop owners everyone has been mesmerized at once.
The pieces are just like on a regular sized kendama.
You have a string, the tama (ball), the Ken and even a replacement string to use if needed.
It can be taken apart if you are left handed and need to change sides on the string or to replace it.
Just like a regular sized Kendama. 
And yes, there is a bead on the string by the way.

So how does it play then ?
Being a novice in the Kendama-sphere i did try some basic trics with Pocket Play .
I can do a decent "Around the world", and the "Moshi kame" amongst other beginner tricks.
The size makes you really be considerate of how you grip the Kendama.
I have yet to land "Around the world" with this little gem, but i have been close .
So for the final verdict:

- How long played with :
 Two weeks, off and on.
- First impressions, out of the box:
Pro-packaged, charming design and challenging looks. Makes you want to try it right away.
- Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
Excellent gift for anyone playing Kendama. A "Take it to the next level-type kendama" if you will. Extremely portable due to it's size of course. Good companion on any trip, be it work or leisure.

Now stay tuned, because we have a lot more of this stuff coming , more Kendama Europe items will be reviewed. Things will get bigger ...

A big thanks to the crew at Kendama Europe for having Androidistica reviewing their Pocket Play K Kendama.

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