Friday, 8 July 2016

[Review] Kendama Europe , Play Pro K

Next Kendama up for review is Kendama Europes "Play Pro K".
The Kendamas made by Kendama Europe are produced in a detailed way.
Just looking at the industry certifications, regarding workers wages, sustainability and enviroment, there is no match amongst the European Kendama brands to these ones.
You can catch more details here.
Package is familiar by now, if you caught the previous review of the Play Pocket K.
As you can see it is premium.

Inside the box we have :
- Kendama
- Manual   
- Replacement string

This one is beatuifully crafted .
European Beech wood used as building material and the paint on the Tama is durable!
Now what i mean with durable, is non-chipping durable.
As you can see in the image "after some use", there is no paint chipping yet from the Tama.
Taking that into consideration and also the armada of certifications these Kendamas qualify for we have nothing short of a pro build here.
And the certificates are plenty i assure you , these Kendamas are safe to use from 7 years and up.
Read more about them here.

So whats the verdict then ?

- How long played with :
3 Weeks .

- First impressions, out of the box:
Classy! A quality product when it comes to balance, grip and details. Also nice to get a replacement string and a brief manual with some basic trix illustrated.
Packagin is also stylish inside the box.

- Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
Easily a daily driver. It's joyous to use and also the wear-in is very satisfying on the tama and the cups.
No large chips of paint or wood falling off even though I'm surely not an expert in Kendama.

 4,5 / 5 

Make sure to check this one out, and keep your finger on this dial for the next review coming up, also a Kendama Europe product!

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