Saturday, 13 August 2016

[Review] Play Grip K

Kendama Europe has blessed Androidistica with yet another Kendama in their "Play" series.
This one is called "Play Grip K".
This Kendama has the same dimensions as the "Play Pro K" , which was reviewed earlier by us.
One difference that is intentional looking at the name of this Kendama is the Tama itself.
We now have grip!

Grip me!
Now, in my early times with Kendama, i preferred non-grippy ones.
Someone , somewhere on the internet wrote something that struck me.
The theory was based on starting out with a non-grip kendama, to catch the basics so to speak.
This approach was recommended just to avoid problems later on, when trying to land tricks with a non-grip Kendama, it could cause struggling results.
I have now played Kendama for 3 months, and the Play Grip K makes sense to me.
(As does all other "grippy" Kendamas out there as well of course).
When venturing further from the basic ball and cup tricks, into the world of Lighthouse and other balancing tricks the Play Grip K really helps, a lot.

Read, play , eat repeat.
As always with Kendama Europe products, the balance is there, the smoothness of the beech tree is there too.
What also is there is the Tama itself, durable, smooth and distinct in it's weight.
Again, i was able to do progress on my tricks skills with the help of a Kendama Europe product.


How long played with:

Two -three weeks.

First impressions, out of the box:
Smooth Tama, quality Ken and Sarado, serious string.
Pro package as you can see in the image above.
Balanced and well crafted in hand, a tad heavier tama than the "Play Pro K" but same size as it.

Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
An excellent Kendama, daily driver material any day.
Personally a big help going further into balancing tricks, such as lighthouse and mixing it up with other tricks.
Durable tama here as well, the paint seems layered, as i clumsily enough dropped the Kendama on tarmac while practicing some hand-turns.
The Kendama Europe Team know their game , this too is a quality Kendama .

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