Thursday, 11 August 2016

[Review] Play Hardwood K

The Kendama Europe review-series continues and we have now reached a noble piece called "Play Hardwood K".
Packaged as Kendama Europe always does , beautifully boxed.
Spare string, quick guide included.

First thing that strikes me when taking this Kendama out of the box is the lightness in hand.
Being a hardwood Kendama this feels really light compared to other hardwood ones.
The lightness in weight enables you to perform those "just about there - tricks" and complete them,
Being a beginner myself, i managed to land "Earth-turns" , "Ken-flips" and "Lighthouse" with this little beauty.

Bringing it out and about, those who have tried this Kendama also reflected on the lightness and the comfortable feeling in hand while jamming with it.

Don't just watch me, pick me up nao!

Being a hardwood Kendama, the aging is gorgeous.
Looking at the pictures from unboxed to being used a month , the aging is graceful, never ugly.

"I'm hard and beatiful."

How long played with:
A month.

First impressions, out of the box:
Hellooo gorgeous! No joke, this Kendama is beautiful to watch, to hold and to use.
Light as a feather almost. Smooth hardwood all over , both the Ken, Sarado and Tama.

Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
Once broken in, recommended for those tricks you almost are making .
As mentioned earlier, yours truly made progress on a couple of tricks i've been struggling with .
All thanks to the sheer lightness of the Play Hardwood K Kendama.
Aging does make it even more manageable, which is just as it should be.
It also clicks discreetly and distinctively, which i like a lot.

If you head up to website, you have comments from some Pro Kendama players on the Play Pro K product line there as well.

And also , for more information about this piece of art, go to Kendama Europe's homepage.

A proud Lighthouse-filled thank you to the crew at Kendama Europe for letting us make this review!

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