Thursday, 25 August 2016

[Review] Play Monster Grip K

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the  "Play Monster Grip K"
This Kendama is a biggie.
As mentioned in an earlier review, it has the exactly the same dimensions as the Play Monster K with the exception of grip on the tama .
Big sized Kendamas are refreshing to play with.
Refreshing and exhausting ,but with fun included .
Crafted out of Austrian Beech wood , the Play Monster Grip K is packaged in style as you can see in the images below.

Release the beast!

Big fun!

Big balance

Perfectly crafted

I am big , with grip!

How long played with:
2 weeks and counting.

First impressions, out of the box:
A package of fun, waiting to be played with. The included quickguide for basic tricks and spare string is always appreciated.
Including extras makes you feel covered by the manufacturer.
Smooth surface on the sarado and ken, silky smooth Tama .
What strikes here is the same that struck when we tested the Play Monster K.
A slight elasticity on the string, presumably to prevent the string from breaking due to the sheer weight of the Tama.
Not a problem at all actually, well thought of .

Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
A good choice if you want to bring your Kendama jamming to the next level.
Airplane to Lighthouse is actually doable for me with this Kendama, tricks i am struggling with on a regular sized Kendama.
 (Practice, practice practice).
Why not try those hard to land tricks with this one ?
Durability , quality and playability sums it up really.
This goes for the actual woodcrafting on the Ken and Sarado, and also on the paint of the Tama.
A reliable choice if you are in the market for a Big Sized Kendama!
Hats off for Kendama Europe, letting Androidistica test this big Piece of Fun!

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