Tuesday, 6 September 2016

[Review] Kendama USA, TJ Kolesnik Pro Model

Kendama USA has been around for a while and their product line includes a lot of different Kendamas.
Androidistica was lucky enough to receive a "TJ Kolesnik Pro Model" for review .
Being fortunate enough to have been able to meet the man himself, this review turned out to be a work of honour.
Earlier this summer, TJ came down to Spelexperten for a visit , during his world tour and it was a day full of insane Kendama tricks, competitions, inspiration, burgers and even more Kendama!

TJ Kolesnik Pro Model by Kendama USA

So what do we get then, in a TJ Kolesnik Pro Model ?
The Kendama itself , naturally and a quick guide to begin with.
Also included are the replacement string and some sweet Kendama Usa stickers.
What strikes the eye is the four colours on the tama, and the engravings on the handle, cup and cup rims.
This is beautiful work !
The four-coloured Tama is painted with a "Updated Super Sticky Paint", making it really grippy.
Designwise this is a really classy Kendama, but looks aren't everything are they ?

Once put to work, the super sticky paint really feels grippy .
Those lighthouse tricks feel easy as a breeze to begin with .
The spike on the Ken is durable, really not dulling out even though in the hands of a novice.
They are ment to be used, and so we did ! 

Of course , this takes its toll on the paint but this is expected.
(We have been touching the subject before, about breaking in a Kendama).
Build material on the Ken and cups is Ash wood, which works really nice.
There is a light feel to this Kendama, with the added grip on the Tama.
You can feel the potential in taking your tricks even further with this one without a doubt.

- How long played with :
Approximately a month.

- First impressions, out of the box:
Class act, right out of the box.
The Kendama itself is really stunning visually and the extra goodies in the box, spare string, quick guide and stickers only adds to the swagger-feel in this package.

- Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
Anyone playing Kendama can benefit from this one.
It is naturally good for those grip-tricks such as lighthouse and others but also excellent as a daily grinder if you like.
A companion you need to be ashamed of bringing along anywhere.

We'd like to take a bow to Kendama USA for letting Androidistica review this Prod Model.
Don't touch that dial, we have more goodies to be reviewed soon!

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