Wednesday, 14 September 2016

[Review] Speldama, by Spelexperten and Krom Kendama

Speldama was born out of a collaboration between Krom Kendama Team and the local Kendama dealer named "Spelexperten" in Gävle, Sweden.

Background to the story of this Kendama goes back to 2010.
That was founding year of the "Spelexperten" shop.
Firstly specialised in boardgames and puzzles.

It all took off with Kendamas in 2014, when Kendamas were taken into stock but no big boom happened quite at that time.

2015 a young gentleman named Oliver came in and told the owners of Spelexperten to start selling Kendamas now!
So they did, and what a good call it was!
Booming happened.

After a while the idea was born to make their own "Speldama".
They discussed the idea with the Krom Kendama Team and even got some design help from Thorkild May , world champion in Kendama to add playability and balance into the "Speldama".
Lo and behold, the Speldama was born!

The Speldama comes packaged in a classy looking canvas bag with a carabiner attached for easy clip-on .

Beauty in rest.

There is  also some beatiful stickers, a spare string and the Speldama of course.
The Speldama itself is crafted out of maple wood and it feels really light and smooth in hand.
The tama is a grippy,smooth and silky one, with a artistic motive painted on top .
Cups and edges of the cups are engraved adding a classy touch .
Note the dual colours, enabling you to get a good eye of the position mid-air .
Having an orange string also adds a nice "zing" to the desing .

A slingful package!

So how does this pretty thing fly then ?
Lets get to it!

- How long played with :
  2-3 Weeks.

- First impressions, out of the bag:

Providing a canvas bag is a stroke of genius really.
No plastic or cardboard boxes to get rid of.(enviromentally friendly too)
Just slip the Kendama back into the bag and latch it on your backpack, belt, bike or whatever and bring it along with you anywhere you go.
Stickers and spare string is always , always a welcome addition. We love it !
Maple wood for the Ken and Sarado is a good choice,
We feel the durability and lightness in hand. 
String and Tama feels solid as well.
I was not able to chip any of the silky paint off the Tama even though being a clumsy 1- year user on Kendamas.
Thats a plus in my book!

- Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
Speldama can easily claim a spot as your daily slinger, grinder or whatever.
The grip is strong in this one!
Cups well crafted and balanced all around.
Designwise it also gets there, visually original even without playing with it.
This is an impressive first collaboration by Spelexperten and KromKendama.
Let us hope they do more of these collaborations in the future!
A big whopping high-ten to Spelexperten for having Androidistica testing this slinger !
Make sure you go and check it out in their webshop!

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