Saturday, 8 October 2016

[Review] The Pill by Terrakendama

KendamaUSA sent over this cool-looking item called the Pill for review.

The Pill Burnt Red

Loads of extras included. Spare string, stickers.

Classy drawstring bag for the goods!

The Pill was born out of ,as Terrakandama says on their website:
" hot summer day, undoubtedly inspired by our time spent playing kendama, but with a novel and simplified design."
TerraKendama has been around for quite some time now, spreading their love for Kendamas and also being the inventor of the Pill.
Edmonton based , run by Kendamaplayers: there cannot be anything besides great success!

What about the actual Pill then ?
You can easy see the resemblance of concept here.
Wooden , with a string and a universe of yet-to-be-discovered-tricks to explore.
Sounds familiar ?

We are talking tricks-ville here, as with Kendamas.
The Pill by Terrakendama comes stylishly packaged, in a box with a spare string and,stickers.
 ( If web-ordered even a classy drawstring bag for storing it in is included too.)
Looking closely at the parts that make the Pill one will notice there is quality in motion here.
The bottom part with the spike is made out of one piece , elegantly lathed and the paint on the top part is gloriously red.
Does the paint chip ?

Being a Kendama-novice there was a slight concern if i would be able to land any tricks at all with this adorable piece of joy.

Now , i have not played a Pill before so the review itself would be a challenge.
This is what i discovered exploring the wonders of the Pill:

The Pill is a good complement to playing Kendama.
There are similarities in focus, balance, perseverance and fun, loads of fun!
Surprisingly and quite fast i got the hang of one of the basic tricks and my concerns were replaced by inspiration and joy.
If you ever played Kendama, and managed to get over even the first hurdle of landing a trick , you know the feeling of reward and mastery.
The same goes with the Pill.
It is awesome indeed.
As a companion to a Kendama, the Pill takes it's place and holds it with honour.

Theres an excellent video from Kendama USA where Alex Smith shows some tricks with the Jumbo-sized Pill.

I too age with class you see.

Only resting for pictures to be taken.

The Pill from TerraKendama is here to stay, no doubt.
Available in different variations, sizes and different types of wood there is surely one for every taste to grab.
And some of them are soo beautiful!
Make sure to have a check over at TerraKendama for your flavour of the Pill!
There is a host of  Pill-related videos and maintenance section on TerraKendamas website, so make sure you check that out as well.

Mimicking the simplicity of Kendama, the Pill stands strong in it's own field but on the same court as with Kendama.
If you are into Kendama, you will dig this baby too!

A hard spiked combo in salute to KendamaUSA for having us test this piece of classiness from TerraKendama

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