Friday, 28 July 2017

[Review] FridayKendama collab with F5S

Fridaykendama just released a limited collaboration together with F5S called Seawave Kendama Bag.

Included is a Kendama bag, a Seawave Kendama with bubblegum paint on the tama.
The Ken and Sarado are made out of really smooth Beechwood .
Also included in the bag is some stickers, a spare string for your Kendama and a small leaflet with some basic instructions.

I really enjoyed the bag and Kendama.
Both bag and Kenadama are made out of quality materials.
This is the first Bag of this kind i have seen and versatile is the word here.
You can either store one Kendama inside the bag, or you can bring along two Kendamas and store one inside and the other outside the bag.
The bag is very cool , has two main compartments inside and two smaller pockets on each inside cover.
I did a roadtest with this bag during a week abroad and it worked excellent!
Carried it to the beach with my Kendama and wallet.
Low weight and discreet.
Zipper smooth, fabric feels durable so this will not wear out any soon .

So what about the Kendama them ?
Beech wood made so smooth you just want to hold it all the time.
Tama has that beautiful sea-motif  bubblegum paint giving it some grip. 
Craftmanship on the Ken and Sarado is very good. No roughness or cracks anywhere.
Smooth sailing with this one.
I have not had time to break it in , but the time i spent with it so far is promising.
It is always nice when Quality is keyword amongst creators of Kendamas, and this limited edition collab has covered quality, style and freshness in this one.
Both thumbs up for Fridaykendama X F5S.
Make sure to check out Fridaykendamas webstore for their other products as well.


Check that zipper, rainproofed!

Another way to carry it.

So many possibilities

Limited edition #38

everybody loves stickers!

that lunar balance !

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