Thursday, 4 October 2018

[Review] 'Cthulhu Vaknar' By Free League Pubishing -The Classics never die.

Howard Philips Lovecraft was an american writer who lived at the end of 1800 and passed 1937.
Yet another creator not being acclaimed until after he lived , and still inspiring artist,writers, and producers in our day and age .
H.P. Lovecrafts heritage to the world is quite remarkable and often praised by authors and artists.
This review is about one of those hommages.

Were talking about "Chtulhu Vaknar" by Free League Publishing company, who have been around since the 2010:s and they have released a Swedish and French version of 'Cthulhu Awakens', which is also coming in a English version .
 (Free League have done a lot more exciting stuff which we will return to in later reviews)

With a nice foreword written by John Howe , also a professional illustrator the story kicks off into the tale of the great one.

What strikes me the most besides H.P. Lovecrafts written words is the format of this book and the illustrations by Francois Baranger's  fantastic creations.
(Known for have worked with concept art for Harry Potter , Heavy Rain and much more.)

Coming in an A3 format the  book oozes of old-time horror and mystique and the graphics are truly stunning in this larger than life format.

Each page is accompanied by Francois Barangers epic imagery, which weaves the story into the truly  suspense mystical horror fiction that Chtulhu Awakens is.
Every page could be a large painting hanging on any living -room wall.

Although I have read it before numerous times, the whole experience throws me  once again into the tale of mystery and unknown fears.
I find myself  not just  reading a book, but getting engulfed by the mythos and suspense .

Being  cast into the middle of the events , the lurking unknown horrors of undefined entities, madness and death, while there is a struggle for uncovering the mysteries ,whilst i find myself trying to untie the knot of increasing fear this story builds as it goes on.
Each chapter edging closer to revealing the truth behind the mysteries while all the time still keeping the truth out of reach .
Following the narrative style story, whilst immersed into the imagery of art , there is a transformative effect.

This is a great publication, as good as it gets.
Francois Barangers illustrations paired with H.P. Lovecrafts story makes a mark in history as still being one of the classics and carries the heritage with honours to coming generations.

And my hat goes off to Free League publishing for adding a disclaimer at the end of the book about the state of litterature and prejudice at the time of H.P Lovecrafts career.
It states the obvious and keeps us in the real world.

Well done all involved in this fine piece of culture!

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