Tuesday, 26 February 2019

[Review] - The Electric State, By Simon Stålenhag. When all roads lead to somewhere...

Simon Stålenhag has been around for a while as an artist , musician and as a desinger.
Being late for the party, i discovered his third book "The Electric State" recently thanks to Freeleague publishing.
Kickstarter funded, overshot it's original goal with miles and the rest is history.

Amazon has plans for a TV Series of Simons earlier with "Tales from the loop" an "The Electric State" is about to be a movie in the hands of talented producers.
So there you have it, Simon Stålenhag has talent.

As a child of the 80:s i was drawn into the story instantly, from the first page.
The images and words by Simon Stålenhag creates a sense of post-apocalyptic eeriness , a need to find out what happens next in this road-movie installement.
We are in the Pacific.
The world has not ended, but put on hold by humanity.

Without spoiling too much i have to say i enjoyed reading and admiring The Electric State a lot.
It falls into the category "Page Turner" for me, as i find the environments, the road-movie style story inviting,tense  and exciting.
The combination of Simon Stålenhags texts together with his doom-scented artwork took a firm grip of me and did not let go until the last page was turned.

Neurocasters, huge droids, assembled by cables and artillery resting or scouting throughout the landscape.
The world has become a place of dry barren drought-ridden land, empty motels, armed guards here and there working for whom?
There is suspense, loneliness and hurt .
We have grit, longing and love.

It's easy to find parallels to our everyday life in this work, just watch and think . It is there , very clearly.
Could this be the world to be we are seeing in the future of mankind ?

One has to admire the work behind "The Electric State", the sheer imagination and idea behind the whole setting we are invited to experience through Simon Stålenhags work.
The artwork is mind-blowing, photo-esque pictures of the landscapes, droids and cities ooze of desperation, aftermath and creeping death.

The Electric State is still within my mind, i doubt it will ever leave.

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